Winter Wonderland 2019 – Hyde Park, London

‘Winter Wonderland’…..hmmm…now that sounds familiar doesn’t it?….like something out of a Lewis Carroll story….

Well, you’re right! It is in fact a winter version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

A spectacular Christmas event which takes place every year during the festive season at Hyde Park, London. This year, the celebrations start from 21st November 2019 and go on till 5th January 2020.

My visit to Winter Wonderland this year was absolutely delightful and allowed me to relive my happiest childhood memories!

From the scent of delicious Christmas delicacies at the Angels Christmas Market to the breathtaking views of the city from the world’s tallest transportable Ferris wheel, Winter Wonderland has it all!

Check out my video for more! I may not have covered the whole of the event in my video, but most of it!

This is also my first attempt at YouTube content creation! I am trying to keep my videos within the 5 minute mark to ensure that the content is engaging and captivating to the viewers.

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(P.S. I’m aware that the video quality isn’t that great and am working on it!)


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