East London street art and graffiti | Most instagrammable places in London (Part 1)

East London street art and graffiti | Most instagrammable places in London (Part 1)

Crime stats indicate East London to be one of the most underdeveloped parts of the city, which indeed makes it a very dangerous place to live. While this might be true, the beauty of this part of London has often been undermined.

A daytime stroll through the streets of East London would definitely make your day and would also fetch you some likes on Instagram! In fact, East London is known to be one of the trendiest and most instagrammable parts of the city. The walls of the streets are adorned by flamboyant street art, graffiti and murals. This indeed makes it a treasure trove for art lovers!

In the video below, I have talked about the following 14 streets of East London where you can find the most eye-catching street art and graffiti:

  1. New Inn Yard (EC2A 3EY)
  2. King John Court (EC2A 3EY)
  3. The UK’s largest street art mural (Located between New Inn Yard & King John Court)
  4. 198 Shoreditch High Street (E1)
  5. Wheler Street (E1)
  6. The tunnel connecting Shoreditch High Street to Commercial Street (Through Wheler Street)
  7. Sclater Street (E1 6HR)
  8. Powerleague, Shoreditch (Through Sclater Street)
  9. Bethnal Green Road (E1 6HT)
  10. Quaker Street (E1)
  11. Grey Eagle Street (E1)
  12. Corbet Place (E1)
  13. Fashion Street
  14. Middlesex Street

Other streets popular for street art and graffiti which I haven’t mentioned in the video are situated in and around Brick Lane. I’ll probably be including them in the Part 2 of the Street art video which will also include street art found in other parts of London!

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P.S. I will be posting more travel videos soon and will try to get them in Horizontal mode!


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4 thoughts on “East London street art and graffiti | Most instagrammable places in London (Part 1)

  1. Dear Madhuri,
    Very good effort to create the documentary. Nice and brilliant.

    All the best. Expecting many more such documentaries.

  2. I love the way you capture london streets and places. A superb documentary to create interest in people who havent seen these places. Keep working like this. Eager to see many more.

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